Sponsor a Student

Program Overview

The population in the rural Gujarat village of Thuvavi (near Vadodara, Gujarat State, India) is primarily dependent on agricultural work and as such, face many financial hardships, placing them at or near the poverty line. As a result, many children are expected to help on the farms and in the fields at the expense of obtaining an education. To ensure that these children are afforded the opportunity of an education, the CBG Foundation has partnered with the Thuvavi Area Public Education Trust (Thuvavi Village, Dabhoi Taluka, Vadodara District, Gujarat, India) to financially support students.

The goal of the Sponsor-A-Student program is to help alleviate education costs for these underprivileged families while improving the quality of education received by these children.

Your contribution in any amount is greatly appreciated and will go directly towards furthering the educational opportunities available to these children. However, if you would like to directly sponsor a child, the sponsorship amounts are as follows:

  • $150/year (Rs.10,000) for Primary School Students
  • $250/year (Rs. 15,000) for High School Students
  • $500/year (Rs. 30,000) for ITI Students

By sponsoring a child, you are covering their:

  • Tuition Fees
  • Tutoring
  • Books and Supplies
  • Uniforms and Shoes
  • Transportation to School
  • Basic Medical expenses, including eye glasses if needed

Why Thuvavi

The Thuvavi Village is located 25 kilometers from the city of Vadodara, Gujarat State, India. The primary industry is farming, but with limited irrigation availability, the crops are heavily dependent on seasonal rain. Within a 10km radius, the population is about 15,000 and consists primarily of families that reside at or below the poverty line as the farming work is seasonal and unreliable.

Thuvavi Area Public Education Trust was instituted in 1970 currently educates about 1100 students with about 60% girls and 40% boys. The High School was started in 1971 and over the years a Higher Secondary School (1991), Primary School (1999) and Industrial Training Institute ITI (2014) were developed. These institutions are fee based except the High School receives government support.

Sponsor Primary School Student
Sponsor High School Student
Sponsor ITI School Student