Shree D.K. Patel High School

The D.K. Patel High School focuses on giving quality education in higher grades (8th to 12th) so that the students can proceed to advance their careers in life. The school is “granted” by the Government of Gujarat so it is a no-fee based and non-profit institution. We are a preferred education institute of Dabhoi Taluka area. Our students have received many awards in scholastic and non-scholastic areas. Our school is the examination center for SSC examination and also a venue for many government events for students.

The Thuvavi village had a government primary school long before India’s independence in 1947. A private high school was in also operation before and after independence but was in financial trouble and ceased operation. Afterwards, most of the children seeking high school education traveled daily to Dabhoi or were sent away. The concerned residents of Thuvavi gave another try in 1971 by starting Shri Thuvavi Vibhag Sarvajanik High School in an existing building. By the early 1980’s, the school building was found not suitable and a different facility was essential.

Shree Chhitubhai Desaibhai Patel committed, on behalf of the Shree Desaibhai Kahandas Patel family, to generously donate the seed money for the new high school building construction. The people of Thuvavi Village and surrounding areas enthusiastically supported by giving land donation and fund raising. The new building was inaugurated on June 16th,1983. The high school was named Shree D. K. Patel High School. The High School is “granted” by Gujarat State Government, meaning operating staff and basic expenses are provided by government and follows government issued educational norms. The state of Gujarat shifted standards (grade) seven and eight from high school to primary school – to C.D. Patel Primary School in our case. We provide tutoring classes to the 10th grade students for state level SSC (Secondary School Certificate) examination at no cost to the students.

We typically have over 500 students in high school standard (grade) 9th through 12th at D.K. Patel High School and V.I. Patel Higher Secondary School. We have sixteen highly experienced teaching staff and school facilities including Modern Computer lab, Science Lab, Library, Sports facility, etc. We also have programs for student development in non-scholastic activities like – yoga, music, sports competition, debate, etc. The school is “Granted” by Government of Gujarat does not charge fees to students.

 We are the only school providing quality education to the underprivileged people of Thuvavi rural area. Students come from twenty three villages of the surrounding 10 kilometer area. Transportation to school is convenient as the school is easily accessed from Vadodara – Dabhoi highway. The schools are located on a five acre beautifully landscaped campus.


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Miteshkumar Patel, Principal, Tel: 91-94281 66892

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