About Us

Our History & Mission

Our mission is to facilitate humanitarian and educational activities by raising funds and providing financial resources to underprivileged families in rural areas. We believe that providing an education is the best way to uplift a society from poverty, anarchy and social injustice. Currently, we aim to encourage and support these activities primarily in rural India as we have witnessed firsthand the difficulties faced by those living in these villages.

CBG activities provide administration and aid in the expansion of the Thuwavi School System. Established in 1971, the Thuwavi School System currently educates 1,100 students from kindergarten through high school.

Through it’s initial wave of donations, the CBG Foundation is proud to announce the recent addition of an Industrial Training Institute (ITI) that offers students the opportunity to further their education through skills-based training in areas such as electrical and welding. ITI is currently providing training at its present max capacity of 82 students. The goal of the new round of funding is to increase capacity to 550 students by 2019. To achieve this, ITI is in the process of acquiring 3+ acres of land on which new training and educational facilities will be constructed. Additionally, the number of trade-skills offered will increase to 16 professional trades, all of which will be certified by the Indian Government’s National Council of Vocational Training.

Care By Giving

We realize that due to the urbanization trend in India for many years, the populations in the villages have a large proportion of under privileged families. These families currently live at or below the poverty line and are unable to provide their children with an education.

The CBG Foundation has dedicated itself to ensuring that the privilege of education is accessible to all children. By partnering with the Thuwavi Area Public Education Trust (Thuwavi Village, Dabhoi Taluka, Vadodara District, Gujarat, India) to financially support students, we are one step closer to achieving this goal. Through your donations, we can fulfill our mission of ensuring that these children are never deprived of an education again.